PINKPEARL is a United Kingdom based brand serving the highest quality handcrafted jewellery with our local artisans.

all our products are crafted with love , passion and perfection.
Our motto is "Unleash the beauty of the stone", So we know how to serve the stone in it's most precious feel and elegance .As a brand, we believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and what distinguishes PINKpearl is that we’re professionals in providing a variety in the designs of our products to suit every one’s taste . Our designers are studying each item to be designed wisely and carefully to make every item a piece of art . Once we embrace our individuality then that's when we shine the most. That's when we create a different narrative in society and that's a way to create a change Every one is special in his/her own way . That's why we enable creativity and authenticity for all our customers. To think outside the box and represent themselves while representing the brand. Beautiful sight.
All our Jeweleries even the gold plated ones are all made of stainless steel and cobalt. Non allergenic materials.All of our jewels are handcrafted by local artisans, and we mass produce the items in California and in the UK. 

And just a heads-up we only have 3 warehouses in Asia, US and in Europe where we will be sending your products depending on the availability of stocks.
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